~ Design & Technology ~ 


Natural & man-made
Fibres. Smart mats.

Origin & structure.  Conversion of fibres into fabrics. Processes applied to fabrics. Chemical processes. Bonding. Plying

Characteristics &
Properties. Fibres & aftercare

Durability, strength, elasticity, flexibility, absorbency etc.. Uses, Behaviour,  Ecological concerns. Stress, tearing, heating, etc.
Suitability. Dyes. Transfer printing. Fashion products  (2)

Customer profile and requirements. Pattern Systems &
Pattern lay.

Commercial patterns

Cutting out -
      fabrics & seams

Construction and fastenings. Velcro, etc. 

Shaping, Fullness, Hems, facings, Jersey fabrics, Pleating, Printing, Tucking, Embroidery, Stitching, Reinforcing, etc.

Colouring Fabric
         e.g. dyeing

Batik, etc.

Textiles equipment

Sewing machine. Loom. Systems checks. Limitations

Use of tools. Flow charts for planning.. 2 & 3-D models.
Grains, Oneway designs, Quilting, etc.

Planning & making

Testing & evaluating
& Disassembly

Trials & testing with Evaluations and reporting. Commercial testing procedures.

Mass production &
Production systems

Scales of production.  Features of designs associated with bulk production. Quality Control in bulk production

Production Systems

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