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Researching. Initial specification Anthropometrics,
Ergonomics, Market surveys, Designing solutions, development, Flow charts, Production methods, Quantity Production,

Design Cycle and
Consumer Need   

Drawing techniques

Drawings, colouring & enhancing . Using mock-up models (2D & 3-D). Non-Destructive testing. Use of A3 boards

Processes, Finishing & Adhesives

PCB production, Injection & compression, moulding,
Vacuum forming.  Wood &  Metal shaping. Wasting.
Fabrication.Saws Files, Lathes, drills, etc.
PVA, Resins. Paints, Varnishes, Powder Coatings.

ICT Applications

Use of CAD / CAM. Batch production. DTP,
Data presentation - Bar charts etc. Text, Packaging,
Colour. Using ICT for PCB masters. Control of production
lines.  Use of spreadsheets

Production Scales &
Packaging Implications

Batch, Repetitive flow, Continual flow, Job production
Difference between Quality assurance and quality control. Labelling, legislation, storage of product   Quality control

Product evaluation

Assess product  -  fitness for purpose


Metals, plastics,  woods & boards.  Classify materials,
Characteristics, Performance, Properties
e.g. Conductivity,
Insulation, Strength - in Compression, Torsion , Shear.
Testing - Hardness, Ductility etc.  Suitability for fittings
etc.  Awareness of Construction methods and fittings.


Solar, wind, water, fossil fuels, nuclear, energy -
secondary sources. e.g. batteries, springs

Electronic concepts
& Components

Components. Battery types, Switches, Capacitors, diodes, Transistors (& Darlington pairs), Electron flow, current, voltage, resistance, Capacitance, sub & multiple units.  Simple circuits - inputs and outputs. Ohm's law, Power calculations,  Series & parallel calculations,  IC's, Binary counting. Logic. (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, NOT) - and logic combinations,  LDR, Photodiode, Thermistors, Thermocouples, Microphones, Strain gauges.  Breadboardng, Veroboarding, etching and photo-etching. 555 timer,
Binary counting.

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