Researching. Initial specification.  Designing solutions, development,  Flow charts, Production methods,
Tolerance & Cost implications. Tools & equipment,
Jigs, formers, etc

Design Cycle and
Consumer Need   

Drawing techniques

Drawings,  colouring & enhancingDrawing Conventions

Processes, Finishing & Adhesives

PCB production, Injection & compression, Moulding and vacuum forming.  Wood & Metal shaping. Wasting. Fabrication

ICT Applications

Use of CAD / CAM. Batch production  DTP, Data
presentation - Bar charts etc. Text, Packaging, Colour
Using ICT for PCB masters.

Production Scales &
Packaging Implications

Batch, Repetitive flow, Continual flow, Job production
Quality assurance,   Quality Control

Product evaluation

Assess product  -  fitness for purpose


Characteristics, Performance, Properties
e.g. Conductivity, Insulation, strength, compression,
tension, torsion, shear

Electronic concepts
& Components

Electron flow, current, voltage, resistance, Capacitance, sub & multiple units.  Simple circuits - inputs and outputs. Ohm's law, Power calculations,  Series & parallel calculations,  Transistors (& Darlington pairs), IC's, Binary counting. Logic. (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, NOT) - and logic combinations,  LDR, Photodiode, Thermistors, Thermocouples, Microphones, Strain gauges.


Analyse systems in relation to INPUT PROCESS &
OUTPUTS - & Sub systems. Analyse means of production.
Be aware of scientific principles.

Health & safety

Solvents, PCB production, Tools & equipment usage.
Use information to assess unfamiliar risks. Environmental management & COSHH

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